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What We Do

Confidential Payroll provides businesses across Ireland with a total Outsourced Payroll Processing Service, online and off, allowing them more time to concentrate on more productive matters such as business strategy.

Payroll can be complex. We reduce the management of your payroll to simple, straightforward steps.

What You Do

- Provide Confidential Payroll with your timesheet information. We provide straightforward instructions, customised timesheets and telephone support to assist you.

What We Do

Just about everything else...

What We Offer

Managed Payroll
  • Timesheet Processing
  • Payslip Generation
  • Electronic Payment to Bank
  • All Revenue Issues Resolved
Managed+ Payroll
  • A Turnkey Payroll Solution
  • Fully Outsourced, Fully Integrated
  • Totally Managed, Totally Resolved
  • Dedicated Support

We supply online payslips for each employee, details for payment to the Revenue Commissioners and other required documentation.

We give a friendly, personal and professional service to all our clients, with full telephone support whenever you need it.

Managed Services

Our fully featured payroll service designed to simplify your life and reduce workload....

Managed+ Services

Suite of optional features bespoke to your requirements...


Frequently asked questions about outsourcing your payroll...

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