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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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We cater for companies with any number of employees.

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When should a company consider payroll outsourcing?

Outsourcing should assist you and be cost-efficient. It should save you both time and money against your current method. Ask yourself:

Are you issuing payments effectively, easily and on time?

Are you able to deal with the details of the payroll with almost 100% accuracy, timeliness and compliance to regulatory requirements?

Do you have the personnel (and time) to complete payroll operations weekly and monthly?

You should consider outsourcing your company's payroll where you answer no to any of the above.

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Why should I pay someone else to look after my payroll?

Time and convenience apart from accuracy and compliance.

Confidential Payroll employees are fully conversant with payroll requirements - after all 'Payroll is our Business!'

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What is the cost involved? Is it expensive?

Generally, the cost depends on the number of employees and how frequently you pay them (weekly to monthly). The service includes full compliance with Real Time Reporting and PAYE Modernisation requirements. There are no hidden charges. We can provide a quotation based on the number of employees on each payroll and an understanding of your requirements. Please feel free to request a quotation without obligation.

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Will payroll services save me money?

Yes, overall the payroll service pays for itself. Above all it leaves you free to concentrate all your efforts on managing your business. Most likely, your business is not payroll outsourcing. However, if it is we also have a solution that will assist you to outsource all your payroll requirements - this is suitable for accountants and practitioners in areas of finance and taxation where completing client payroll is part of your business.

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I have full-time, part-time and casual employees; some are paid weekly and some on a monthly basis. Can Confidential Payroll help me with this?

Confidential Payroll is the answer. We are able to manage payroll requirements of any combination. Simply contact us for a quotation.

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Who handles the actual payment of my employees?

Confidential Payroll will facilitate the transfer of employee wages from a bank account of your choice directly into employee bank accounts. All our payroll is provided electronically.

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What about all the extras I have to worry about like allowances and deductions etc.

We will assist in the transfer of your payroll to our facilities and thereafter we will manage all aspects.
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What equipment will I need?

None for payroll! All you need is access to a fax or the Internet to send us the payroll data and changes.

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What do I do next?

Contact us with your requirements. Provide your details, your payroll requirements, and we will review your options for processing payroll, with no obligation. We will provide a quotation for your business.

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